Norma Mardian, CID, Allied ASID Valarie L. Mina, NCIDQ, ASID, AKBDBeth Whitlinger, ASID, CID, IIDADebra L. Bryant, ASID, CIDTracey Troop, Allied ASIDMelinda Hartzell Grubbs, Allied ASIDRejoy Marsella, Allied Member ASIDTamra  Mundia, Allied ASIDMrs. Eve Lowey, ASID, NCIDQZiccardi DesignsCheryl A. Sanders, ASIDVickie D. Daeley, Allied ASIDFumiko Faiman, CID, ASIDShala Shamardi, Allied Member, Associate Member IIDASally J Taylor, Allied Member ASIDMiko Krisvoy, Allied ASIDTamara Shermer, Allied ASIDYuri C. Bast, ASID, IIDA, CIDAddison Bruley Design FirmASIDPeg Berens, Allied ASID, CIDHarte Brownlee & AssociatesMs. Debra L. Croll-Bailey, Allied ASIDMegan Crane, Allied ASIDDeirdre Eagles, Allied ASIDSusan Wesley, ASID, CIDGayle Lee, ASIDChristine W. Kittrell, CID, Allied ASIDAnna Shay, ASID Jason Titus, ASIDWendy Ann Miller, Allied ASIDWanda Bogart, ASID, IIDA, CIDValerie Ribeiro, Allied Member, ASIDMichael F. Fullen, Allied ASIDKelly Ferm, Allied ASIDKathy Booker, ASID, IIDA, CID, CAPSJoyce Elizabeth Byrd, Allied ASIDMs. Bj Peterson, FASIDJanzel Denee Kelly, Allied ASIDRebecca Sandlin Pelletier, ASID, MA, CIDSandra Vila, Allied ASIDBarbara E. Keller, ASID, CIDMrs. Jan G. Turcotte, Allied ASIDAudrey Dunn, Allied ASIDJulia A. Caro, Allied ASIDFrank Edward Pitman, Allied ASID, CIDJanine M. Harris, CID, Allied ASID,Andrew Joseph, Allied ASIDAdriel J Cogdal, ASIDArianna Noppenberger, Associate ASIDStephanie Fryer, ASID, AKBD, NCIDQJamie L. Namanny, Allied ASIDSally Elatrozy, Allied ASIDWes A. Hageman, ASID, CIDLisa McDennon Design, Allied ASIDSylvia Joy   Wood, ASID, CID, IIDA Mary C. Swift, ASIDWendi Young, Allied ASID
Fumiko Faiman, CID, ASID
Kelly Ferm, Allied ASID
Frank Edward Pitman, Allied ASID, CID
Joyce Elizabeth Byrd, Allied ASID
Yuri C. Bast, ASID, IIDA, CID
Gayle Lee, ASID
Susan Wesley, ASID, CID
Janine M. Harris, CID, Allied ASID,
Tracey Troop, Allied ASID
Ziccardi Designs
Sylvia Joy Wood, ASID, CID, IIDA
Christine W. Kittrell, CID, Allied ASID
Tamra Mundia, Allied ASID
Vickie D. Daeley, Allied ASID
Deirdre Eagles, Allied ASID
Beth Whitlinger, ASID, CID, IIDA
Valarie L. Mina, NCIDQ, ASID, AKBD
Sally J Taylor, Allied Member ASID
Michael F. Fullen, Allied ASID
Shala Shamardi, Allied Member, Associate Member IIDA
Janzel Denee Kelly, Allied ASID
Wendy Ann Miller, Allied ASID
Stephanie Fryer, ASID, AKBD, NCIDQ
Megan Crane, Allied ASID
Melinda Hartzell Grubbs, Allied ASID
Mrs. Jan G. Turcotte, Allied ASID
Andrew Joseph, Allied ASID
Peg Berens, Allied ASID, CID
Julia A. Caro, Allied ASID
Kathy Booker, ASID, IIDA, CID, CAPS
Jamie L. Namanny, Allied ASID
Anna Shay, ASID
Harte Brownlee & Associates
Adriel J Cogdal, ASID
Tamara Shermer, Allied ASID
Sandra Vila, Allied ASID
Rejoy Marsella, Allied Member ASID
Mrs. Eve Lowey, ASID, NCIDQ
Ms. Bj Peterson, FASID
Sally Elatrozy, Allied ASID
Miko Krisvoy, Allied ASID
Lisa McDennon Design, Allied ASID
Valerie Ribeiro, Allied Member, ASID
Addison Bruley Design Firm
Wes A. Hageman, ASID, CID
Jason Titus, ASID
Audrey Dunn, Allied ASID
Arianna Noppenberger, Associate ASID
Barbara E. Keller, ASID, CID
Debra L. Bryant, ASID, CID
Mary C. Swift, ASID
Norma Mardian, CID, Allied ASID
Ms. Debra L. Croll-Bailey, Allied ASID
Cheryl A. Sanders, ASID
Wanda Bogart, ASID, IIDA, CID
Wendi Young, Allied ASID
Rebecca Sandlin Pelletier, ASID, MA, CID
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When you hire an ASID member, you get an experienced practitioner who can solve problems, help you avoid costly mistakes and, most importantly, create an attractive, affordable space designed specific ...


ASID Orange County ASID is the largest organization for Interior Designers in the Nation.  It is comprised of 48 Chapters, Orange County Chapter being one of them. Our ASID Designers are coupled with ...

ASID Orange County

ASID is the largest organization for Interior Designers in the Nation.  It is comprised of 48 Chapters, Orange County Chapter being one of them. Our ASID Designers are coupled with degreed education and experience. They maintain the highest of ethical standards in the business.  Their required continuing education keeps them on the cutting edge of design. We invite you to explore our Designers profiles and enjoy what they have to offer.

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ASID Orange County Chapter
23807 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 205
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Phone: 949.643.1549
Fax: 949.643.5664
Email: [email protected]

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